Want a Free Minecraft Server? Click here

Want a Free Minecraft Server? Click here

Frequently Asked Questions


Your server will remain online for as long as we can pay for the servers

Donations help a lot, also keep your adblock off and share this site with your friends and we should be all fine

You need to login to your control panel every 15 days to keep your server active

Yes, its a custom coded control panel, it is simple but we will get more options in the future:


URL: http://freeteamspeak.pw/panel/


The login details are on the activation email

Yes. TeamSpeak 3 provides full support for DNS SRV records in combination with our proven TSDNS system. This means you are able to define the location (e.g. the hostname and port number) of specific voice servers and/or TSDNS services.

Currently, we support two different types SRV records:

_ts3._udp.teamspeak.com. 86400 IN SRV 0 5 9987 voice.teamspeak.com.
_tsdns._tcp. teamspeak.com. 86400 IN SRV 0 5 41144 voice.teamspeak.com.

These two entries point to a voice server named voice.teamspeak.com listening on UDP port 9987 and a TSDNS service listening on TCP port 41144. The syntax of the SRV records consists of the service (ts3/tsdns) and the protocol (tcp/udp). Both of these are prefixed with an underscore.

A detailed description of the above fields is available at  the Wikipedia article on SRV Records. SRV Records provide a priority field similar to the priority field in MX records, and a weight field for DNS based load balancing.

Like TSDNS, SRV records allow people to connect to any virtual voice server without knowing the port number. For example, the following SRV record would instruct the TeamSpeak 3 Client to connect to a TeamSpeak 3 Server running on UDP port 1337 while using yourdomain.tld as server address:

_ts3._udp.yourdomain.tld. 86400 IN SRV 0 5 1337 yourdomain.tld.

SRV records can not only direct you to a voice server, but also to direct you to a TSDNS service, creating a double redirect situation. This allows you to run the TSDNS service on arbitrary machines and hosts, while still servicing the domain you wish.

_tsdns._tcp.yourdomain.tld. 86400 IN SRV 0 5 41144 tsdns.yourdomain.tld.

Before connecting to any server, the TeamSpeak 3 Client will try to resolve the IP address of the server in the following order:

1)      _ts3 SRV record

2)      _tsdns SRV record

3)      TSDNS

4)      DNS

You can change your server banner via your control panel, but you cannot remove the banner as a all

Free servers have a maximum of 300 slots.

If you are trying to connect a bot or anything that is not from your IP or needs a permanent whitelist you will need a permanent whitelist entry, this option is only available for users on the Ultimate plan

If it is a service like GameTracker or TSViwer we may be able to whitelist them for free, send us a link on their official wbsite stating the IPs they use so we can verify if they can be whitelisted, be advised, we do not whitelist whole IP blocks under any circunstances (even on paid upgrades)

In either case you will need to create a Query Login, to do that please refer to the next FAQ section

You can remove the server password on the "Common Fixes" option on the side menu
If your permissions are messed up you can reset your permissions and groups from the Common Fixed option on the side menu
We just added this option again, you should now see an "Tokens" option on the menu
Looks like you enabled modalquit on your server, go to:

Common Fixes > Disable Modalquit

Many users use and abuse our service, we do what we can to keep the servers stable and wth no packet lost, if you are getting packet loss you may try:

  • Going to another node in the same location
  • Going to another node in another location

We do what we can to keep the service the best servce around, but since we have an high demand there may be some packet lose problems during peak times and / or large DDoS attacks (when the mitigation kicks in)

Please do not open support requests about this, we can't do anything more apart from what we already do!

Sorry, but we cannot grant this group to our users since this group grants access so some node management features and allows to modify other servers on the node.
The highest level of access a user can have is the Server Admin level access provided when the server is created
You can create a Server Query login from your account if you pretend to connect via YATQA or another similar tool, please refer to the article in how to create one in this FAQ

Bans and Enforcement

If you CAN login to your control panel and see your server status as suspended it means we need to talk to you about something on your server/account, please open a ticket so we can look into this.

This is a "good" thing, if just the server is suspended there is a high chance of getting your account back, or else you would have been issued a account level ban

If you got a account level ban issued you did something nasty, for more information on the ban and a possible appeal please contact our security team at security[at]freeteamspeak.pw

Please keep in mind that account level bans most of the times are permanent, but you have a chance to appeal

You violated any TOS or rules, this ban is final, any appeal will result in your whole account being permanently banned
You violated any support related TOS, if you want to appeal you can contact security[at]freeteamspeak.pw
Please report it to our security team so we can look into it security[at]freeteamspeak.pw


You need to add your TeamSpeak Identity UID to the bot admin list.

To obtain your UID open up your TeamSpeak Client and go to Tools > Identities > (Press "Go Advanced") > Copy the contents of "Unique ID"

Now you need to give yourself permissions, open your bot panel and go to General Settings > Paste your ID on the Bot Admin field > Save > Restart the Bot

You can grant bot admin access to a whole server group on the same page

Bot Panel > General Settings > (Edit the Server Query Name field for the vaue you want) > Save > Restart Bot


Upgrades are small donations you can make to help us keep our service online, in return we give you some pearks on your server

All Upgraded users get access to our private Slack with direct contact with our staff

We accept all kind of cards via Stripe, we can accept also bitcoin, open a ticket fot bitcoin.
No, you will be banned

Want a Free Minecraft Server? Click here

Want a Free Minecraft Server? Click here